Being curious at interface design, I am challanged to be more productive but still have creativity and differwntiation on my entire project. Browsing user inreface design as GUI has many plasure I think, so I decided to create my own collection and share it to my dear friends of mine.

I have a huge passion on interface design and create many of them (especially application interface design). Based on trial on error, I use various interface design element and develop quite a bit. I have a dream that one day I could have a webpage contain of design element but as high as my budget still couldn't make it. My friend suggest me to create on blogger, he explain many thing that use it as a web tool is easy and surely get benefit, so here it is

I am enjoying every second here – passion does its magic here, my thanks goes to all our loyal readers, who respects my work and keep coming back! Cheers to you guys!

name : Dani Kusuma
email :

Best UI PSD is design development User Interface Design Pattern Library. GUI patterns for web designers. See examples read rationale, solutions & implementation

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